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"This year's best texture app"

- 3D World Magazine, March 2016

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Scan based PBR texturing. In Photoshop.

Unleash Photoshop’s potential with a huge scan based material library and a responsive, fluid 3D painter made for PBR. Enjoy a highly customizable, user-friendly, and fully Photoshop integrated texturing suite — like you’ve always wanted it to work.

Art by HoOman Rahati.

DDO: Huge Material Library.

Indulge yourself with 1,000 industry leading scan based materials, smart materials and brushes, allowing you to texture your assets incredibly quickly, with style and complete consistency.

3DO: Amazing 3D Painting.

Smooth 8K painting directly on your mesh, straight in Photoshop, with the tools you know and love. Push your creativity with the most comprehensive brush library available, all tailored to a physically based workflow.

Art by Blair Armitage.

"Holy shit this is badass"

- David Lesperance, Valve Software

NDO: The Ultimate Normals Toolkit.

Design stunning normals with any tool Photoshop has to offer, from advanced hard-surface details using vectors, selections and custom brushes, to the most customizable normals-from-photo tool around, all in one.

"Holy shit this is badass"

- David Lesperance, Valve Software

Art by David Lesperance.

"The fastest and easiest texturing tool"

- Simon Fox, Blizzard Entertainment

Extremely Fast Workflow

Used in virtually every major game franchise art pipeline, Quixel Suite 2 is the easiest to use texturing toolset to date, enabling you to vastly speed up your pipeline and traditional workflow. If you know Photoshop, you know Quixel Suite 2.

"The fastest and easiest texturing tool"

- Simon Fox, Blizzard Entertainment

Art by Neil McKnight.

"An essential part of my texturing pipeline"

- Josh Marlow, Epic Games

Quixel + Unreal Engine 4

Are you using Unreal Engine 4 to create your next game or visual experience? Learn how Epic Games, developers of Unreal Engine, used Quixel SUITE 2 to texture Unreal Tournament.

"An essential part of my texturing pipeline"

- Josh Marlow, Epic Games

Art by Josh Marlow.

Quixel + Unity 5

The Quixel SUITE has sparked a revolution in computer graphics. Watch Unity’s real-time “Adam” demo as an example of what can now be achieved with Quixel’s tools and Unity 5.

Art by Unity.

So. Much. More.

Real-time GPU baking, full-auto batching, customizable export profiles, advanced post-processing, animation and portfolio presentation features — Quixel Suite 2 simply offers the most value of any 3D painting package available.

Art by Hitu Hitansu, Dhruva Interactive.

Join the Community!

Dive into the fastest-growing texturing community in the world, hang out with the developers, and get instant support — all while mastering your new and powerful Quixel Suite 2.

And as always, prepare for lots of free updates.

Art by Quixel.

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  • SUITE 2

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  • NDO

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SUITE 2 - Indie, Hobby & Freelance
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The Indie, Hobby & Freelancer license allows independent artists (Modders, Hobbyists, Freelancers and Indie developers alike) to unrestrictedly sell products textured using Quixel SUITE 2.0.

  • Quixel NDO Painter
  • Quixel DDO Painter
  • Quixel 3DO Baker

NOTE: All prices are VAT excluded. An Internet connection is required to activate the license. Compatible with Win XP and above, and Photoshop CS3 and above.




Corporate Deals

As of March 2016, Quixel offers professional training for your team free of charge when acquiring 10 or more studio licenses, and you may schedule a live demo + developer Q&A before you first purchase. Quixel also offers dedicated developer support for solving your custom texturing pipeline needs. Contact biz@quixel.se for details.